Faces of Urbanisation: Naapurituottajat kaupunkitoimijana, jakso 1


Erasmus+ rahoitteisen Urban SOS -hankkeen Faces of Urbanisation -sarjan ensimmäinen podcast: Naapurituottajat kaupunkitoimijana.

Kalliolassa toteutettavan Naapurituottajat-projektin vastaavatuottaja Oili Paaskoski on Urban SOS -hankkeen Tiina Lehto-Lundénin ja Heli Määttäsen haastateltavana. Keskustelemme kaupunkiympäristön vaikutuksesta hyvinvointiin ja Naapurituottajat hankkeen linkittymistä Urban SOS -hankkeeseen.

Urban SOS – Towards a trans-disciplinary, inclusive, sustainable future, an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership: brings together educational institutions and work place organizations—who work in the cities with social issues caused by life in the City. The objective of the Urban SOS partnership is to contribute to the transnational and transdisciplinary innovation of European social work and social work education. As a way to share in the dialogue, we will be producing the Faces of Urbanisation podcast considering some of the following topics from our research and how they practically relate to our daily lives:

  • Urbanisation
  • Space and Placemaking
  • Rights to the City
  • Centralization of services
  • Physical and Social Infrastructure
  • Belonging, Identity and inclusion (I can’t remember where our list of podcast ideas is….)

The Urban SOS project’s podcast series starts with the first episode: Naapurituottajat as city actors. Oili Paaskoski from Kalliola Settlement’s Naapurituottajat (Neighborhood Producers) project shares how Naapurituottajat is linked to the Urban SOS project and how both material and social urbanization are affecting people in Helsinki, especially among people who have a substance abuse background. Tiina Lehto-Lundén and Heli Määttänen, project workers from the Urban SOS -project, facilitate the discussion. Discussion is in Finnish.

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